Sonja is amazing! She is one of the most talented women I’ve ever seen performing, and I don’t know why Hollywood isn’t beating down her door!  Not to be missed!

~ Susan Foster

Your cabaret at the MBI Summit was beyond! I was blown away. You went there and then kept going! Your voice, your charm, your truth, your love and, of course, your humor are a staggering mix of brilliance. Loved the show and love you too!

~ Kara O’Brien

Sonja Alarr has woven magic into her “Life (coaching) is a Cabaret”.  She takes us from lows to highs and back again, from laughter to tears, from recognition of ourselves to a deep sense of knowing we are not alone – all wrapped up in a beautiful package of musical entertainment and song.  I could watch this over and over again.  What a gift!

~ Christa Gallopoulos

Sonja Alarr, you are absolute magic. You carried the a roomful of coaches through through your hero’s tale. You included your authenticity, your humor, your sadness, your “failures”, and your triumphs in such an amazingly authentic way. You are truly a brave and gifted performer — coach, connector and human being. You had better already be on the agenda for the next Summit, assuming you have the energy! We all love you!

~ Carol Cheswick Wilson