River Video

I wanted to use the Leonard Cohen quote because—well, because, frankly, I look pretty dreadful (my own non-life coachy opinion) on video. But…for a long time, I let my lack of perfection stop me from doing things.  I'm tired of that, so here goes. Certainly a lot of light will get in. I have a lot of cracks.


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7 Responses to “River Video”

  1. Ashton Root Says:

    Hi there Sonja! (and anyone else reading this)
    (I spent four years with Sonja at Cal Arts and even lived with her and two other girls for a year off campus. Lucky me!) Good times Sonja!
    I love your river video and just so you know, you look great! Cute kids too.
    Funny, the things that life throws our way. You have always had the gift of gab and a knack for saying the right things and helping people out. Great profession for you.
    I'd love to see you when I am in town.  I'll look you up next time and Mr. Purcell and I can come for a visit.

    Take care and keep being awesome.


  2. Kate O'Neill Says:

    Sonja, Your video is fantastic!!  So TAO!!!  Congratulations on a beautiful, fun, fresh website and a super courageous video blog.  You look great and you are an inspiration. Kudos!   Bravo!  Love, love, love it!  and you too!  xo, kate

  3. Sarah Seidelmann Says:

    Love this!!!  Sonja- we need more of YOU— your spirit is so courageous and funny and willing and AWESOME!!    Its a dose of inspiration-  just get out there and DO IT (whatever it is!)  Sarah

  4. Sarah Seidelmann Says:

    So funny- cause I watched this several months ago- and NOW we are in class!

  5. Susan Hyatt Says:

    Hi Sonya!
    I am so proud of you!

  6. Becky Richardson Says:

    I just love you :-)
    This is brilliant.  I love "There are no wrong forms in nature.  Only different ones."  Beautiful.

  7. Kate Enggren Says:

    I'm so proud of you my beautiful friend. You are truly amazing and an inspiration.

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