Merry Christmas!

So I was at a meeting the other day and the woman who was running it said to the group she was leading: “For Christmas this year, I put your names in a small box, and I wrapped it, then I put that box in a bigger box and wrapped it, then a bigger box and wrapped it, then a really big box and wrapped that. And on Christmas morning, I’ll open my present to myself and there you’ll all be. Because you really are the best gifts of my life.”

I thought that was wonderful. Aside from all the wrapping crap. Oh, sorry. That was a little crude, but I just HATE to wrap presents. Luckily, my wonderful nephew was here yesterday and he wrapped the kids’ gifts–made one into a hat and one into a Lego. This nephew is actually getting pretty close to playing in the NFL–well, closer than most people ever get anyway, just got accepted to BSN–whatever that is–where scouts come and see them play–but if that dream doesn’t work out, he can always open a business doing creative wrapping. A wrap artist…

But I digress. Anyway, I thought this woman had a great idea, so I immediately stole it. I asked my husband and kids, my mother-in-law and father-in-law (who will all be here Christmas morning) to make me a list of people who are really important to them (and I made one, too.) I plan to wrap the lists (or more likely, stuff them in a gift bag with a smattering of tissue) so that we can open them on Christmas. I’ll write the gift tags like this: To Albert from Albert, to Anton from Anton and so on…because I think these are our gifts to ourselves—all the people we love and who have been important to us, all the relationships we’ve nurtured and cherished. I think it’s a good idea, though I suspect my kids will vastly prefer the Legos and the hats…

But here’s something that struck me. Everyone included family on their lists, and friends and pets; but only my daughter Zosia, who just turned nine, started her list: Me.

Wow! You know every self-help book in the world says to include yourself in your priorities, says to love yourself. I don’t know a whole lot of people for whom those come naturally. Hence the reason why there are life coaches in the world. But—I’m supposed to be a life coach and it never even occurred to me to put myself anywhere on that list, much less first. Huh.

So—so far my best Christmas gift has been Zosia putting herself on her “people I love list.” At the very top. When I grow up, I want to be just like her.

Anyway, I hope you give yourself an amazing holiday. Hope you have rest or chaos, quiet or noise, parties or nights of privacy watching all your favorite movies. I hope you get exactly what you want. Merry Christmas!

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