Here’s what I’d love to do. I’d love to come to your motivational seminar or summit and present this show. I’d like you to hire me as a keynote speaker (keynote singer?)

Okay, I know I’m clearly biased…I mean, I wrote and star in the thing. But I have to say–I was surprised and delighted about how many people from all backgrounds  seemed to be moved by this show. I did it at the Martha Beck convention in March of 2012 and got 6 standing ovations DURING the show. Wild! (Now I know what it feels like to be a rock star…) I expected them to like it—the show is about how I went from being the world’s biggest cynic to becoming a life coach and they were, after all, a room full of life coaches. But I didn’t expect them to go completely insane. I didn’t expect to be getting emails even a month later from people who’d seen it there, telling me how much I’ve inspired them to get moving on their own creative process.

And–when I did this show in LA, I did it for people who mostly don’t know too much about life coaching. And they were moved by it, too. I had people I’d never met hugging me and crying, saying, “Thank you for giving me hope, thank you for making me laugh and cry at the same time.”

So in short, I think “Life (coaching) is a Cabaret” would be a great  addition to your convention or summit. Call me or email me to talk about details.

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