From my teacher:

Sonja Alarr is one of the most intelligent, jovial, wise, and loving coaches I've ever trained.  Laid-back but sharp-eyed, gentle but powerful, funny as hell but seriously good at getting people past their stuck places, she's a coach who'll help you fix your life without even realizing how hard you're working.  She'll blast through your barriers to freedom, and if you're interested in positive change, you'll have a blast yourself, the whole time.

Martha Beck, PhD.
Master Coach, author of Finding Your Own North Star and Steering by Starlight 

From my friend:

Warmth is hands-down the first quality that comes to mind when I think of you. And with that comes generosity of spirit and of the tangible, as well. If there were one loaf of bread left in the world, you would slice it up and share it around—and—here's the bit that makes you different from your run-of-the-mill generous person—somehow you would find butter…. And, of course, you are funny—unusually funny.  That's the tartness that cuts the sweet and rich; the lemon zest in the custard.
Christina Schwarz
author of Drowning Ruth, All is Vanity and So Long at the Fair

From clients:

Sonja is an incredibly insightful observer. She helps me see things about myself that I am not aware that I do. I learned how I have allowed my thoughts and perspectives to thwart my own progress. We already have the wisdom inside us…She just helps you take a breath…and have a conversation…that makes a little space so you can hear that wisdom.
I am finally back in school at age 45 doing the thing that I have loved since I was 12. I am so peaceful and happy and excited about the future!
Kelly Peters
film editor

Sonja has the combined gifts of empathy and insight.  She has been able to see through to the core of my issues very quickly and has been able to offer specific tools that really work.
Lisa Schenk
executive coaching consultant

I found Sonja's life coaching sessions to be very grounding.  I love the "turtle steps and reward system". This took me from overwhelmed and stuck to a girl with "to do" items checked off the list. Thanks Sonja!!!!!!
Pamela Brief
landscape architect

Through Sonja's unconditional support and creative approach to coaching, I have become open to new possibilities for achieving my dreams. Her skill for getting to the heart of the matter with insightful questions and fresh perspectives has created important shifts in how I view obstacles, enabling me to consciously create more positive outcomes. Sonja has an energizing presence that keeps me inspired to take the next steps toward achieving my goals. I would recommend life coaching with her to anyone who is looking to live a fuller more passionate life!
Colleen Callahan
day trader

This self-improvement, self-enlightenment, self-actualization, self-awareness crap is really hard.  Having someone to walk through it with doesn't make it easy, but it certainly makes it do-able.  I really look forward to my weekly talks with Sonja and greatly value her perspective, honesty and sense of humor.  Especially the sense of humor.  Laughing through the tears…worth it!
Cindy C.
2nd grade teacher

Sonja's talents always impress…whether upon the stage, singing in a cabaret…or sitting across from you as your life coach. She brings such intelligence, insight and inspired wit to the process of life coaching.

Through Sonja's work with me, I have found a more centered and fulfilling path…and I have had fun doing it! I cannot recommend her highly enough!
Kevin Brief